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[29 Aug 2005|12:00am]


If this is not allowed, please forgive me and feel free to delete this post. Thank you. =D
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Clarification: [15 Mar 2003|06:26pm]

The things you write that are inspired by the latest PMIN are supposed to be posted as journal posts, not comments. Comments are reserved for reactions to a given journal entry by a member. ( I have some newbie-ish friends that were unclear about this.)

And to actually "join" this community so that you can post, go to the profile page and right at the top of the page it says "to join this community, click here" and ya click there.

This then becomes another journal you can post to, just like you post to your own journal.

Newbies helpin' newbies.
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The Pocket Muse Inspirational Nubbin, Inaugural Edition [15 Mar 2003|05:01pm]

Write about the last time you got your wish.

Write about the first time you got your wish.

If you have never gotten your wish, write about that.
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Welcome to The Pocket Muse, writers and buds! [15 Mar 2003|04:53pm]

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I created my own personal live journal to begin with as a way to goose myself into writing more, and paying more attention to my writing. I have tons of books which are designed to do that, including "The Pocket Muse".

As a way of inspiring myself, and inspiring others, I thought it wouldbe fun to get a group together to work with TPM together. Hence, the Live Journal Community Journal, The Pocket Muse People.

Here's some excerpts from the introduction that may help clarify what the book is about:

The Pocket Muse can be read randomly, each page containing something to jump-start a writing session, insprire confidence, or strengthen your resolve. It can also be read chronlogically, as a course in getting your writing life together. On some pages you get a pat on the head, on others a kick in the seat. Every single page contains my hope to inspire, cajole, goad, shave, or otherwise lead you in a fully lived writing life marked by good work, perserverence, connection and satisfaction.

These pages include writing prompts and exercises, quotations (fresh ones) froma variety of writers, mini lessons on technique, strategies for battling writer's block, suggestions (and orders) for maintaining your writing life, cautionary tales from the book world, and a few laughs. The Black and white photographs throughout the book intesify the direction or advice, but they can be used alone as idea starters.
[Note: I will sometimes put in a photograph found somewhere, I probably won't scan from the book because I'm lazy and my scanner isn't set up right now. Maybe after the move...]

I'm a firm believer that the writing life should contain more light than darkness and I hope this book will help you write toward light.

Since I am the mod of this place, let me share the rules:

1) You must actually join the community to post to it.

2) Each person decides for themselves whether they want comments or not.

3) If you permit comments, it is understood that you may receive criticism. While I don't want to see anyone being dismissive or mean, I think we can all grow and learn in our work through negative as well as positive feedback. Just don't be gratuitiously rude about it, and if you really can't stand criticism, then don't permit comments. Or, if you really crave acknowledgment but don't want criticism, enable comments and let people know you'd rather they kept it positive. It's up to each person to honor such a request or not.

4) There are no expectations about what you write in response to a PM Inspriational Nubbin. As you will come to see, the PMINs are all different and can inspire all kinds of things. A poem, a story, a song, a sentence, a paragraph. Whatever it inspires in you is great. The point is for you to write something. Anything.

Well, that's all the rules I can think of for now. I really hope to see some of you join up. And see the next post for the first Pocket Muse Inspriational Nubbin. (Someone come up with a better name!)

The Pocket Muse Community Mod

PS: This is my first community, so if I stumble, please forgive.

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